Flooring FAQs

Please find below some frequently asked questions.

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Q: Should I choose laminate or real wood flooring?

A: This is really a matter of personal opinion. Laminate floors tend to be more durable as wood floors are softer. Wood floors tend to look better when installed but laminates are getting better. Wood floors can be sanded down to replace a perfect finish however laminates can’t. Finally the price can vary but generally laminate floors are cheaper.

Q: What makes a good laminate floor?

A: There seems to be a general misconception that the thicker the laminate floor the better quality it is. Unfortunately you can have the thickest floor on the market but if the locking system is cheap the floor will still ruin. You should really look for floors that have the ‘Uniclic’ loc system. This is widely regarded as the best on the market. As a company we would always say that ‘Quick-Step’ floors are the best available.

Q: What is the difference between a solid wood and engineered wood floor?

A: A solid wood floor is exactly what is says a solid piece of wood. Engineered wood consists of a top layer of solid wood that has been placed upon a softer wood board. Generally engineered wood is easier to lay and can be more suitable  for concrete subfloors. At the moment there is not a big price variation between the two types of flooring.

Q: What should I clean my laminate/wood floor with?

A: Firstly the most important thing is not get too much water on the floor. Water will damage you flooring so if you are mopping your floor make sure you do it lightly and dry the floor on completion. Most DIY stores and supermarkets sell specially designed cleaners to use on laminate and wooden flooring. The best way to clean the floor is to lightly brush it or use a static cloth on a specially designed mop. You will find these in most DIY stores or supermarkets. We can supply cleaning product for use with all our floors.

Q: How can I avoid marking or damaging my floor?

A: Our best advice is to use felt pads or plastic cups on the bottom of all furniture. If you are moving furniture always lift it into place. Never clean the floor with a heavy detergent. Lastly mop up all spillages immediately.

Q: How long will it take to install my floor?

A: This depends on what kind of flooring you have a what room the flooring is to be installed in. To get a better idea please contact us with you requirements.

Q: Can I repair a damaged floor?

A: If your floor has been marked or scratched it is quite easy to repair. You can find repair kits in most DIY stores and they are quite simple to use. Should your floor suffer from discolouration the affected area might need replacing. If your floor is water damaged it will definitely need replacing. Should your floor not have enough expansion room we should be able to help fix it without needing to replace the floor.

Q: Will you cut under my architraves?

A: Yes if you purchase one of our floors. If we are just installing a floor that you have purchased separately it depends of the quality of the loc system. If we can we will.

Q: Can you run the flooring through multiple rooms without a doorplate being needed?

A: Yes we can.

Q: How will you lay my real wood flooring?

A: This depends on your subfloor. If you already have floorboards you new floor will be screwed (secret nailed) into the existing floorboards. Should you have a concrete floor we will be bonding it directly to the floor using special adhesives or a self adhesive underlay. All laminate floors will be laid as a floating floor.

Q: Can you install laminate in bathrooms and kitchens?

A: Yes we can however especially in bathrooms you will need to make sure that the flooring is suitable to be installed in the room. Generally aqualoc flooring and some quick-step flooring is guaranteed for use in bathrooms.

Q: What underlay do you use?

A: This depends on your subfloor. Generally you will need a damp proof underlay to install on a concrete floor and a foam underlay or fibreboards on a wood floor.

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