Laminate Flooring Manchester

Laminate flooring has many benefits. With a range that spans every colour and style. Step-Sure Flooring are able to offer something for everyone, whatever your needs or budget.

Unlike real wood, laminate floors are extremely durable and can be used in a variety of settings. Laminate flooring is affordable and built to last and has come a long way over the last few years.

Brands like Quick-Step are market leaders in the innovation that has gone into this product recently. The laminate they offer is becoming so realistic it is hard to tell the difference from a real wood floor.

As we understand quality is important we only offer laminate flooring that has been tried and tested. 90% of all floors we supply use the ‘uniclic’ locking system. This means all our floors are top quality and can be installed to give a more professional finish.

For any advice on laminate or to book a free home or business quotation please call us on 0161 905 3366.

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Quick-Step are renown as the best manufacturer of high quality laminate floors. Most floor fitters will agree that the superior quality of this flooring makes their job easier and in turn leads to a better finish. Quick-Step have floors that can be used in all ares of the home or work place including the bathroom. They are also able to match any interior designs with floors that have rustic, classic, modern or designer looks. These floors really are second to none.

To view the Quick-Step range click here!

Elka flooring is one of our biggest sellers. Elka provide floors that great durability and like Quick-Step use the ‘Uniclic’ locking system. But the main reason they are so popular is the price! Elka are able to offer top class quality at great prices and have a small but stylish range to choose from.

To view the Elka range click here!

Krono Original flooring boasts a range that is affordable for all with great finishing details and a multitude of style choices. Whilst it is not as durable as Quick-Step or Elka the range is improving all the time and what you loose in lifespan you gain in price. Well worth a look for anyone who wants a floor that lasts 10 years and needs a good choice.

To view the Krono Original range click here!